Top image: Cropped gif

Bottom image: My free hand drawing

I did a free hand drawing of a cropped gif. The original gif was created by Tiarawhy, and can be found here. WARNING! View at your own risk!

Hope you don’t mind Tiarawhy. I’m sure you won’t care. 

Tiarawhy inspired me in a way. The reason why I cropped the gif, and did a free hand/free hand copy of it, is because I have a little project of my own I’m working on. I have some practice I have to do first, but I hope to have it done soon! It will not be traditionally drawn like with my drawing, It will be drawn on computer. I suck at drawing I know. If some of you are possibly interested, then please stay tuned! BUT, you might not like my work when it’s finished. Thanks for giving this a quick read! 

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